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Testimonials & Success Stories - Frequently asked questions

Testimonials & Success Stories

Where can I find testimonials from other users?

Visit our "Testimonials" page to read stories and feedback from artists and curators who have used our platform.

Find user stories on our Testimonials page.
Testimonials & Success Stories

How can I share my own success story on

You can submit your success story through the dashboard page or contact our support team to share your experience. In order to write a testimonial you must be a verified user of our services.

Share your story via your dashboard page or support.
Testimonials & Success Stories

Are the testimonials on verified?

Yes, all testimonials are from verified users who have genuinely used our services.

Testimonials are from verified, genuine users.
Testimonials & Success Stories

Can reading testimonials help me use more effectively?

Absolutely! Testimonials provide insights into how others have successfully used the platform and can inspire strategies for your own submissions.

Testimonials offer insights for effective platform use.
Testimonials & Success Stories

What should I include in my testimonial?

Include your background, your experience with the platform, and how it has impacted your music or curating journey.

Share your background, experience, and impact on your music journey.
Testimonials & Success Stories

How are testimonials used by

Testimonials help us improve our services and also serve as inspiration and validation for new and existing users.

We use testimonials to refine services and inspire users.
Testimonials & Success Stories

Do I need to have a success story to share a testimonial?

Not at all. We welcome all feedback, whether it's a success story, a learning experience, or constructive criticism.

All feedback is welcome, not just success stories.