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  • Amazing support by Joel and the team and they cannot do enough to ensure every user has a successful engagement.

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    - Chris

  • i heard about it from my friends and so far i have nothing but good things to say about letssubmit! its great for me and i'm sure others would say the same!

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    - noah

  • Most offers don’t come with any playlist. Just to make 2 bucks… will not come back

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    - Sybanox

  • Waiting for results from this platform , hope the results are positive . Blessings to everyone

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    - Zailor

  • Top class website and service. Our song was on for a matter of minutes before we received our first offer.

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    - Goldfish Dont Bounce

  • Pretty happy with my few campaigns. I had acces to some cool playlists but the best for me was having good constructives feedbacks

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    - Lacarte

  • The only promotion I paid for worked out perfectly. It helped me grow my listeners record and actually, I am really excited to put a bigger investment to my music through this site. Really recommended!

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    - El olvido que seremos

  • Letssumbit gives the opportunity to be heard worldwide! It's really amazing! I would recommend to any musician who thinks is good but don't get the publicity he deserves. Trust me. Trust the process. Letssumbit got you!

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    - izmirlian

  • Lots of support from the team- I am overwhelmed with the requests from different curators.

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    - Leslie Skye

  • Keep the flag up guys. Site is nice for extra plays and marketing. Great curators and owners of the site.

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    - Taick

  • good website! i think its an amazing wonderful website and yes its good but need more curator

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    - Zul Aqil

  • letssumbit is a great place for artist to push their music with organic playlist and affordable options for anyone to help their music carrer, great for playlist curators to gain profit while helping other artist as well!

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    - Kato

  • Muy bien todo fue facil y rapido y la respuesta de los curadores casi inmediata eso me gusto mucho

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    - Ag in the moment

  • great deals best offers ! get boosted asap:) works you get real followers and streams in blink of an eye !

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    - Cue Due

  • The app or service is awesome, it's easy to use like the UI and UX is amazing just like their playlist and curators

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    - Xanitsage

  • Ama

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    - Roby Koenigs

  • Wow! I'm one that rarely gives feedbacks unless I've tested the service to the best of my appreciation. Letssubmit is the best tool for upcoming, pro and the in between artists in the industry. You wish to reach as many people as possible with absolute minimum effort, you're on the right place. Share it to as many artists as possible so they can reap the benefits of being apart in this.

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    - Prince D

  • I love this service it is great .What I love about it that the curators come to you and respond. Fast Easy Great smooth process

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    - Tony Lazo

  • good potential good services and organic way to grow audience. Keep the good work up✅💯

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    - X3LIUS

  • I just uploaded my track Splash and was offered a spot on a playlist instantly.

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    - Double Jeapardi-Splash

  • Great site to push through your music to great curators. I have used this site quite a bit and it is a relief for me to find so many good potential playlist to send my tracks to.

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    - Grandma Ate The Wolf

  • Hi , my artist name is Djmcmurdo , producing Nudisco , Filtered House and Electronic style music . Hope you like my style !

    Verified buyer

    - Djmcmurdo

  • It's good website and even got a playlist add from the start! Let's see where this is going!

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    - Project Blue Beam

  • I stumbled upon this incredible platform that bridges the gap between artists and promoters, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The website not only offers a seamless connection but also does so at remarkably reasonable prices. It's a game-changer for emerging artists looking to boost their careers without breaking the bank. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and find the right match for your artistic needs. What sets this platform apart is its commitment to affordability, ensuring that artists of all backgrounds can access the opportunities they deserve. I've had the pleasure of connecting with some fantastic promoters who genuinely appreciate and support the arts. The transparent pricing model is refreshing, especially in an industry where hidden costs can often catch you off guard. This website is a breath of fresh air, providing a fair and accessible platform for artists to thrive. Kudos to the team behind this initiative for creating a space that fosters collaboration, creativity, and mutual benefit. I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to both artists and promoters alike. It's a win-win for everyone involved, and I can't wait to see more artists soar to new heights thanks to this fantastic service!

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    - Claude Degas

  • I am a Dubstep/melodic/bass producer from Ukraine. Generally, my music will combine a lot of genres with heavy dubstep/bass drops, for example my first released track combines dubstep with retrowave

    Verified buyer

    - TERNEY

  • This site really opens up for opportunities for indie artists and promotion of songs, very easy and smooth

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    - Volle

  • Appreciate the opportunities this site gives me as an artist. I’ve gotten considered by several playlists.

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    - Keep the Fate

  • As a new member I can say that it seems a useful site as a good opportunity to connect with playlisters directly. Messaging tool is helpful. The only issue is spam bombing of some users so far.

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  • Hi! I`m a Swedish songwriter and a musician. I think that this is a great place to get my music into playlists, it's easy to use and it works.

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    - Leif Martinsson

  • хороший сайт,отлично продвигает релизы,доволен использованием,очень сильно помогло в прослушиваниях,чувствуется большая разница,очень рад,что поработал с такими профессионалами

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  • Thanks I hope we can work together well, and my work can be accepted throughout the world and the hereafter

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  • letssubmit is such an amazing and easy way to get your music in front of such a diverse array of listeners!

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  • Wow, the whole introduction experience was amazing, from the very first moment I saw the ad I knew I had to sign up!

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  • It has helped me get more listens and a better reach With Relative Ease, giving me a wider audience for my musical compositions

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  • Good website! It helped me! Just summited my tracks and increase my listeners. Nice prices and good playlist around here

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  • I signed up not long ago, submitted my song and few hours later I am getting deals and still getting deals

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    - Mkaey

  • For the Moment it's easy. I hope in good reply to the curators... Like bigginers in this page it's not a bad way to promote I only hope this is not like Submithub. They never and ever accept your music when you promote in

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    - The romy

  • I'm just now starting to use this service, however it seems pretty legit. There is so many companies that promise you this that or the other, and then hit you with ohh yeah by the way that's 99.99 a month lol

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  • wow ini lets sulit sangat luar biasa, let submit sangat membantu para artis indie

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    - Tardigrada

  • This is the best website for artists, because it helps artists to pitch to the best curators

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    - Tardigrada

  • I quite like the idea and all about this site, although there is room for improvement

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    - Ashen Voidshoud

  • arkadaş tavsiyesinden dolayı geldim sitenize ve siteniz bir harika ama biraz pahalı

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    - Jelly Bear

  • I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with this site! From the user-friendly interface to the extensive range of products/services, this platform exceeded my expectations. The seamless navigation, coupled with prompt customer support, reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction. I particularly appreciate the attention to detail in ensuring a secure and efficient transaction process. The quality of the products/services received was top-notch, affirming the site's dedication to excellence. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend this site to anyone seeking a reliable and superior online experience. A truly five-star service that sets the gold standard in its industry!

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  • i love this site. have gotten so many offers. it’s helped me gain playlist placements and streams

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    - Kritikull ThnKng

  • I must say, the first site i found that you work with humans. They tell you if a song is good or not.

    Verified buyer

    - Dj Aquana

  • So far I'm liking the layout of this service. Can't wait to see how the results pan out now that I can accept some of the offers I recieved

    Verified buyer

    - DJ SnipaZ

  • Excellent service, great communications. I used this to submit my latest release for playlists. I managed to get onto a number of lists and I will be coming here again for my future releases.

    Verified buyer

    - Martin Packwood

  • I like the interaction with curators, and the various deals you can be offered. From the deals I've accepted, responses are quick (within a few hours) and they've done what they said they would. It's too early for me to testify to the results of those campaign/playlist adds, but will do as and when I see the results.

    Verified buyer

    - Kandalit

  • Joel, your website is a life saver brother. I love it and I am extremely happy with it. Thank you.

    Verified buyer

    - Joey Dogz

  • Good place for promoting your music fast and effective. Staff is friendly and the way it works its so easy and catchy. I will continue to use letssubmit in the future for sure! 🙏

    Verified buyer

    - Kosara

  • hey actually care about the music .. which sadly is super rare 5 stars. I feel encouraged and supported here as an artist. If you make good music this is a safe place to pitch

    Verified buyer

    - K-Blitz

  • My experience at Letssubmit has been an interaction of familiar, lively, and inspiring environments - that I hardly find anywhere else. Joel and Simon helped me to manage and grow both as an artist and music curator with multiple opportunities and ideas exchanges. Despite being a brand new platform, I'd confidently mark this platform the new era of SubmitHub or DailyPlaylists!

    Verified buyer

    - Edoardo Gastaldi

  • letssubmit has really boosted our music career. The premium promo package helped us land on some awesome spotify playlists, boosting our songs and growing our fan base. It's the real deal for serious artists!!

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    - Kane & Joel

  • letssubmit is a good site for promoting your music. Ive just tested out the hot or not, if you out your songs on there people offer you story promotions for small prices of like 2-4 credits which is what ive been offering to people and people have loved it! Its a good site to promote your music or make a bit extra off your playlist submissions! 10/10 🔥🔥

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    - BradderzPlaylistz

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Hear’s to "Alibi" by Rudimental & Ella Henderson

By jotus
6 days ago

Hey music enthusiasts, it's Joel here, and I've got something truly special to share with you today. It's about a track that's been on repeat in my world, capturing my ears and soul with its electrifying energy and raw emotion. The song? "Alibi" by Rudimental and Ella Henderson. If you haven't given it a listen yet, you're in for a treat!

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