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Frequently asked questions

Onboarding & Getting Started

I'm new to letssubmit. How do I get started?

Welcome aboard! Start by completing your profile. If you're an artist, browse our curator's lists and start submitting your tracks. If you're a curator, dive into our track pool and discover new music.

Welcome! Complete your profile. Artists: browse curators and submit tracks. Curators: explore our track pool for new music.
Onboarding & Getting Started

How do I create an account on

To create an account, go to the homepage and click on the sign-up button. Follow the instructions to register with your email or social media accounts.

Sign up on our homepage using your email or social media.
Onboarding & Getting Started

Is there a fee to join

No, joining is free. You can create an artist or curator profile at no cost.

Joining is free; create your profile without any fees.
Onboarding & Getting Started

What should I do first after signing up?

After signing up, complete your profile. If you're an artist, add your tracks. If you're a curator, start exploring new music in our track pool. Add your awesome playlists.

Post-signup, complete your profile and add tracks/explore music.
Onboarding & Getting Started

How can I submit my tracks as an artist?

Browse the curator's lists and select the appropriate one for your music genre. Then follow the submission process for each playlist curator.

Select curators from lists matching your genre and submit.
Onboarding & Getting Started

How do curators find new music on the platform?

Curators can discover new tracks by diving into the track pool where artists submit their music. Curators with registered playlists on letssubmit also receive submissions from artists.

Curators discover tracks in the artist-submitted track pool Hot or Not.
Onboarding & Getting Started

What kind of music can I submit?

You can submit any genre of music as long as it's original content and you own the rights to it.

Submit any genre you own the rights to.
Onboarding & Getting Started

Can I edit my profile after creating it?

Yes, you can edit your profile information at any time by logging in and navigating to your account settings.

Profile edits are always available in account settings.
Testimonials & Success Stories

Where can I find testimonials from other users?

Visit our "Testimonials" page to read stories and feedback from artists and curators who have used our platform.

Find user stories on our Testimonials page.
Testimonials & Success Stories

How can I share my own success story on

You can submit your success story through the dashboard page or contact our support team to share your experience. In order to write a testimonial you must be a verified user of our services.

Share your story via your dashboard page or support.
Testimonials & Success Stories

Are the testimonials on verified?

Yes, all testimonials are from verified users who have genuinely used our services.

Testimonials are from verified, genuine users.
Testimonials & Success Stories

Can reading testimonials help me use more effectively?

Absolutely! Testimonials provide insights into how others have successfully used the platform and can inspire strategies for your own submissions.

Testimonials offer insights for effective platform use.
Testimonials & Success Stories

What should I include in my testimonial?

Include your background, your experience with the platform, and how it has impacted your music or curating journey.

Share your background, experience, and impact on your music journey.
Testimonials & Success Stories

How are testimonials used by

Testimonials help us improve our services and also serve as inspiration and validation for new and existing users.

We use testimonials to refine services and inspire users.
Testimonials & Success Stories

Do I need to have a success story to share a testimonial?

Not at all. We welcome all feedback, whether it's a success story, a learning experience, or constructive criticism.

All feedback is welcome, not just success stories.
Partnerships & Collaborations

I represent a brand and am interested in collaborating. How can I reach out?

We're always open to collaborations. Contact Joel at to discuss potential opportunities.

For collaborations, email Joel at to explore opportunities.
Partnerships & Collaborations

How can I partner with

Reach out to us with your proposal through our contact form. We are open to various types of partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission.

Contact us with your partnership proposal via our contact form.
Partnerships & Collaborations

What opportunities are there for collaboration with

We offer collaboration opportunities for playlist curators, music influencers, event organizers, and more. Let's discuss how we can work together!

Collaborate with us as curators, influencers, or event organizers.
Partnerships & Collaborations

Can I integrate my service or platform with

We are keen on integrations that enhance our user experience. Please send us your integration ideas and we'll explore the possibilities.

Send us your integration ideas for consideration.
Partnerships & Collaborations

Are there any requirements to become a partner with

We look for partners who share our passion for music and have a track record of providing value to their audience or clients.

Partners should be passionate about music and add value to their audience.
Partnerships & Collaborations

How can I feature my playlist on for collaboration?

If you're a curator, submit your playlist and meet our quality criteria (human followers and at least 1) to get featured for collaborations.

Curators can submit playlists for feature and collaboration potential.
Partnerships & Collaborations

Can I sponsor a contest or event on

Yes, we welcome sponsors for contests and events that help our community of artists and curators grow. Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Contact us about sponsoring contests or events.
Guidelines & Policies

What's the policy on copyrighted content?

All content uploaded to letssubmit must be original or you must have the necessary rights to distribute it. Any copyrighted content found will be removed and the account may face penalties.

Upload only original content to letssubmit or ensure you have distribution rights. Copyright violations may lead to content removal and account penalties.
Guidelines & Policies

Where can I find the terms of service for

Our terms of service are accessible at the bottom of every page on our website. You can review them for detailed information on our policies.

Terms of service are at the bottom of our pages.
Guidelines & Policies

What are the guidelines for submitting music to

Ensure your music is original, fully licensed, and adheres to our submission guidelines, which you can find detailed on our Terms page.

Music must be original and fully licensed, see Terms of Use for details.
Guidelines & Policies

What kind of content is prohibited on

We do not accept content that is offensive, contains hate speech, infringes on copyrights, or violates any laws.

No offensive, infringing, or illegal content is allowed.
Guidelines & Policies

Can I report a violation of guidelines on

Yes, if you see any content that violates our guidelines, please report it to us using the contact form provided on our website.

Report guideline violations via our contact form.
Guidelines & Policies

Are there specific policies for playlist curators on

Yes, curators are expected to follow our curation guidelines, which include human playlist followers, fairness, no payola, and regular updates to their playlists.

Curators must have human followers, fairness and no payola policies.
Guidelines & Policies

What happens if I violate the policies of

Violations can result in content removal, account suspension, or permanent bans, depending on the severity of the breach.

Policy breaches may lead to removal, suspension, or bans.
Guidelines & Policies

How often are the guidelines and policies updated?

We periodically review and update our policies to reflect industry standards and legal requirements. Announcements for major updates are posted on our site.

Policies update periodically, with major changes announced on the site.
Promotions & Features

How can I feature my music on

To feature your music, you can choose from our promotional packages available on the Premium Campaigns section or submit your track for playlist consideration.

Pitch to Playlists
Pitch to Curators

Select a promotional package or submit for playlist consideration to feature music.
Promotions & Features

What are the benefits of promotional features on

Promotional features can increase your visibility, enhance your reach to a broader audience, and potentially boost streams and followers.

Promotional features boost visibility, reach, streams, and followers.
Promotions & Features

Are there any discounts for first-time promotions on

We occasionally offer discounts for first-time users. Keep an eye on our notifications.

We do offer first-time promotion discounts.
Promotions & Features

Can I choose which playlists to feature my song in?

While we take your preferences into account, placement is ultimately based on the suitability of your track for a playlist's theme and audience. And ultimately it's up to each curator whether your song is a fit for any of their playlists.

We consider your preferences, but playlist placement is based on track suitability by each curator.
Promotions & Features

What kind of promotions can I run for my music on

You can run various promotions, including playlist features, social media shoutouts, and sponsored posts on our platform. You can also buy top banner slots on our web page.

Run playlist features, social media shoutouts, and sponsored posts.
Promotions & Features

How do I track the performance of my promotional campaigns?

Regarding Premium Campaigns we keep you notified daily. Regarding playlist- and curator submissions you will be notified by email with status of each submission.

Track promo campaign performance via email.
Promotions & Features

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with my promotion?

Refunds are evaluated case by case, based on our refund policy outlined in the terms of service. Contact our support for assistance.

Refund requests are case by case; see our terms for details.
Promotions & Features

How long do promotional features last on

The duration of promotional features varies by package. Specific details are provided in the description of each promotional offer. However 2-4 weeks is the most common lifetime of a campaign.

Promo feature duration varies; see package descriptions.
Privacy & Security

How is my data protected on letssubmit?

We prioritize user privacy. Your data is encrypted and stored securely. We never share your data with third parties without your consent.

We value privacy. Your data is encrypted and safe. We don't share your personal data without your consent.
Privacy & Security

I want to delete my account. How can I do that?

Contact us and we will help you out.

Contact us and we will help you out.
Privacy & Security

What should I do if I suspect a security breach in my account?

Immediately change your password and contact our support team to investigate and take necessary actions.

Change password and contact support if a breach is suspected.
Privacy & Security

Will share my information with third parties?

We do not share your personal information with third parties without your consent, except as necessary to provide our services or as required by law.

We don’t share your info without consent, barring legal requirements.
Privacy & Security

What are cookies, and how are they used on

Cookies are small data files stored on your device. We use them to improve your user experience by remembering your preferences and sessions.

Cookies remember preferences and sessions to improve user experience.
Privacy & Security

How often does update its privacy policy?

We review and update our privacy policy periodically to ensure compliance with legal standards and best practices.

Privacy policy updates occur periodically for compliance and best practices.
Privacy & Security

Can I opt-out of promotional emails from

Yes, you can unsubscribe from promotional emails at any time using the unsubscribe link provided in the email.

Unsubscribe from promotional emails via the provided link.
Payments & Pricing

How are payments processed on letssubmit?

Payments are securely processed through PayPal. You'll receive your purchased premium credits and an email confirmation once your payment goes through.

Payments are handled via PayPal. After payment, you get premium credits and an email confirmation.
Payments & Pricing

I purchased credits but haven't received them. What should I do?

Please check your payment confirmation from PayPal first. If the payment was successful, contact our support team with the transaction details.

Verify your PayPal payment confirmation. If successful, contact support with transaction details.
Payments & Pricing

What are letssubmit premium credits?

Premium credits are virtual tokens you can purchase to unlock advanced features on letssubmit. These credits can be used to access premium campaigns and other exclusive services.

Premium credits unlock advanced letssubmit features.
Payments & Pricing

How do I purchase credits?

Choose from the available Premium credit packages displayed. Click on your desired package and follow the payment process to complete your purchase.

Select a Premium credit package and follow payment steps.
Payments & Pricing

What are the available Premium credit packages?

2 credits cost €3
5 credits coist €6
10 credits cost €11
15 credits cost €16
25 credits cost €26
35 credits cost €36
50 credits cost €50
100 credits cost €99
250 credits cost €245

2 Premium credits for €3 5 Premium credits for €6 10 Premium credits for €11 15 Premium credits for €16 25 Premium credits for €26 35 Premium credits for €36 50 Premium credits for €50 100 Premium credits for €99 250 Premium credits for €245
Payments & Pricing

Do Premium credits expire?

No, Premium credits purchased on letssubmit do not have an expiration date.

Premium credits don't expire.
Payments & Pricing

How do I check my credit balance?

Log into your letssubmit account and navigate to the dashboard. Your credit balance will be displayed prominently.

Check dashboard in letssubmit account.
Payments & Pricing

Can I refund my purchased credits?

All credit purchases are final and non-refundable. Please ensure you choose the right package before proceeding with payment.

No, Premium credit purchases are non-refundable.
Payments & Pricing

Is my payment information secure?

Absolutely! We use secure payment gateways to process transactions and do not store any sensitive payment data on our platform.

Yes, we use secure payment gateways.
Payments & Pricing

What can I use my credits for?

Credits can be used to unlock premium campaigns, access exclusive playlists, and other advanced features on letssubmit. Check the specific usage details on the site or in the feature description.

Unlock premium campaigns, exclusive features and playlists.
Payments & Pricing

Can I transfer my credits to another user?

Yes, You can transfer Premium credits to a desired user. Just be sure you send to the correct user email!

Yes, send Premium credits to desired user email.
Payments & Pricing

Is letssubmit a subscription service?

No. We do not offer any subscriptions - only one-time payments.

We offer only one-time payments.
Technical Support

I'm having trouble uploading my track. What should I do?

Ensure that your track is in a supported format. If the problem persists, clear your browser cache and try again. If you continue to face issues, contact our support team.

Make sure your track is in a supported format. Clear browser cache and retry. For continued issues, contact our support.
Technical Support

Is there a specific browser that works best with letssubmit?

letssubmit is optimized for all major browsers. However, we recommend using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the best experience.

letssubmit works best on major browsers, especially recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
Technical Support

What is the "Hot or Not" page?

The Hot or Not page allows curators to discover new songs and offer the artist promotional deals.

Hot or Not: A page for curators to discover and rate new songs.
Technical Support

How do I navigate between songs in Hot or Not?

Use the left and right arrows on the screen or swipe to navigate between different songs.

Use left and right arrows to navigate Hot or Not.

What is letssubmit?

letssubmit is a platform designed to help music artists and content creators gain visibility by ensuring placements in various playlists across platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

letssubmit helps artists gain visibility by securing playlist placements on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

How do I sign up?

Navigate to the 'Sign Up' section and choose either 'Artist' or 'Curator'. Fill out the necessary details and verify your email to get started.

Sign up as an artist
Submit a song

Go to 'Sign Up', select 'Artist' or 'Curator', provide required details, and verify your email to start on letssubmit.

Are there any fees associated with using letssubmit?

While basic use of letssubmit is free, we offer premium campaigns and features that come at a cost. Check out our 'Pricing' section for more details.

Basic use of letssubmit is free, but premium features have a cost. See our 'Pricing' section for details.

How can I get my song on Spotify playlists?

Firstly, Your song needs to be available on Spotify. There are tons of distributors who can help you with this.
Secondly, submit your song(s) to our quality playlist curators.

Ensure your song is on Spotify via a distributor. Then, submit it to our playlist curators.

How can I submit my song to playlists?

Navigate to the 'Submit Song' section, upload/choose your track and choose relevant playlist(s) to pitch to. Once uploaded, your song will be available for playlist curators to discover.

Go to 'Submit Song', upload your track, select relevant playlists, and curators can then discover your song.

Can I submit the same song to multiple curators?

Yes, you can submit your song to as many curators as you'd like to maximize your exposure.

Yes, submit your song to multiple curators for more exposure.

What is the Hot or Not feature?

Hot or Not is a feature for curators where they can discover and rate new tracks. High-rated tracks gain more visibility on the platform. Users with extra loved tracks get potential deal offers sent to them.

Hot or Not lets curators discover and like tracks. Artists with liked songs get potential deal offers.

My song was approved for a playlist - What now?

It can vary between curators how long between a song is accepted and actually added to a playlist. You should expect between 24 hours up to 7 days.

a song accepted for a playlist can take 24 hours to 7 days to be added.

How do I disconnect Spotify from my account?

1. Go to
2. Klick on "Remove access"
3. Contact us

Visit Spotify's account apps page, click 'Remove access', then contact us at letssubmit's contact page.

How do I become a curator on the platform?

Sign up as a curator and complete your profile. Once approved, you can start discovering and adding songs to your playlists.

Sign up as a curator (url: and complete your profile. After signup, start discovering and adding songs to playlists.

What are the benefits of being a curator on letssubmit?

As a curator, you get exclusive access to new tracks, earn credits for your activities, and have the chance to influence the music trends on our platform.

As a curator, get access to new tracks, earn credits, and influence music trends on letssubmit.

Can I have multiple playlists?

Yes, curators can manage multiple playlists across different genres and moods.

Yes, curators can manage multiple playlists across various genres on letssubmit.

I get "undefined" when trying to import a playlist?

This means you are not yet qualified as a playlister. Contact Joel by hitting the chat bubble and he will sort it out in no time!

Getting "Undefined" when importing adding playlist means you need to contact Joel for assistance.