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EULA (Terms of use)

  • General terms of use

    letssubmit is a service to help artists connect with playlisters and curators in general. Please read these terms of use carefully to avoid misunderstandings and misuse. Failure to follow our user terms may lead to account suspension or legal actions.

    letssubmit will not try to impinge in any song submitted to a playlist or other channel. However we are human being and thus allow ourselves to share any song that we personally like on any channel we see fit.

    • Organic followers

      Playlists of which the curator (owner) intentionally and consciously increases the followers amount with the help of bots are not allowed on letssubmit. By using our service you accept this.
    • Musical rights (copyright)

      You can not use anybody else´s works and claim it as yours unless you are given legal permission by the owner / author. A musical work (song) is protected by copyright from the moment it is fixed.
    • Change of terms

      We (letssubmit) can whenever and however change the user terms of this service. From the time letssubmit change, add to or update these terms of use it is applicable and must be followed in order to use our service.
    • Free credits

      When you add your first song as an artist on our website you will get free credits. These credits will expire within 3 weeks meaning they will disappear from your account. Furthermore there are no guaranteed support within any timefrime when using these free credits.
    • 1 user per person

      We do not allow users to create several users. If this is ignored we will take actions we consider necessary. If we consider the misuse serious enough it could lead to account deletion.
    • Prohibition of AI-generated music

      At letssubmit, we value authentic human creativity. Therefore, AI-generated music is not allowed on our platform. Submissions identified as AI-generated will be removed, and users who repeatedly violate this policy may face account suspension. We may use various methods to verify the originality of submitted tracks and ensure compliance with this policy.
    • AI-Generated Content

      letssubmit reserves the right to mark content (images and audio) as AI-generated if identified as such by our admins. Users can request a review if they believe the marking is incorrect.
  • Payola

    (a) letssubmit ("we," "us," or "our") is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the promotion of music on our platform. We strictly prohibit any form of payola, undisclosed payment, or unethical practices related to song promotion on our platform.

    (b) By using our platform, you agree to comply with the following Anti-Payola Clause and our platform's guidelines for ethical conduct. We reserve the right to take appropriate actions, including suspension or termination of accounts, against users found engaging in payola or unethical practices.

    • Prohibition of Payola

      (a) Payola, as defined in these terms, refers to any undisclosed payment or compensation made to playlist curators, artists, or any other user for the purpose of promoting or featuring a song on our platform without full transparency.

      (b) Users, including artists and playlist curators, are strictly prohibited from offering, accepting, or participating in any form of payola on our platform.
    • Transparency and Disclosure

      (a) All financial arrangements, promotional deals, or compensation related to song promotion on our platform must be fully disclosed and transparent to all parties involved. This includes any credits, fees, or other forms of payment exchanged between users.

      (b) Playlist curators offering promotional deals to artists must clearly communicate the terms of the deal, including the amount of compensation and the scope of promotion.
    • Reporting and Enforcement

      (a) Users are encouraged to report any suspected instances of payola or unethical practices on our platform. We take such reports seriously and will investigate and take appropriate action in response to violations of this Anti-Payola Clause.

      (b) Violations of this Anti-Payola Clause may result in warnings, suspension, or termination of user accounts, depending on the severity of the violation and at our sole discretion.
    • Compliance with Laws

      Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding online transactions, promotions, and music promotion in their use of our platform.
    • Educational Resources

      We provide educational resources and guidelines to users about responsible and ethical music promotion. We encourage users to prioritize organic growth and genuine interest in the music on our platform.
    • Changes to the Anti-Payola Clause

      We reserve the right to update or modify this Anti-Payola Clause as needed to maintain the integrity and transparency of our platform. Users will be notified of any changes to these terms.
  • Technical

    We do our uttermost to make sure is secure against intrusions. Letssubmit however acquits from any responsibility regarding server crashes, lost credits as a result of technical faulties and intrusions.
    Should something like this happen we will make sure to help you in the best possible way.

    • Spotify integration (API)

      As a curator using this service you can connect one or multiple Spotify accounts that you own enabelling you to manage your playlists directly on You can also directly add songs submitted on letssubmit to any of your connected playlist. We store playlist information in our own secure database for the sole purpose to decrease the amount of requests made to the Spotify APIs. This information will never be used in any other purpose. If you wish to remove your playlist information from our database, please send an email to instructing us to do so
    • Spotify privacy policy

      By using our service in conjunction with requests to Spotify you agree to Spotify´s privacy policy
  • Financial

    Credits purchased on letssubmit will not be refunded. However we always aim to help our partners in the best way possible when trouble arrives.
    Payouts to curators are made through PayPal and we promise a longest waiting time of 24 hours after payout request.

    • Tax and reports

      Note that this is only for users who will possibly withdraw cash from earned credits.
      If you are bound to declare taxes in any way this is up to you to do so. If you request a withdrawal we will pay you in EURO through PayPal.
    • Curator payment

      Money earned for reviewing music
      You earn money for giving feedback to songs submitted to you as a curator. A feedback of at least 80 characters is required. This means you get paid for your time when reviewing a song. Of course you can decline a song without giving feedback. But in this case you would not earn any money for it.

      Price range and ratio
      A curator can set a price between 1 - 10 credits for each active playlist on letssubmit. A curator can also set a price between 1 - 10 credits for each submission when no playlist is specified.
      letssubmit credit to cash ratio: 1 credit = 1,2 EUR
      Curator comission per credit earned to cash is 40%.
      Payouts are made through PayPal
    • Transfer credits

      You can send credits to other users on letssubmit. Minimum amount to send is 5 credits.
    • No Side Deals Policy

      Off-platform transactions prohibited
      At letssubmit, curators are strictly forbidden from making side deals or off-platform transactions related to our services. This includes any actions designed to bypass our commission system.

      Violators will face immediate and permanent removal from letssubmit. This policy is crucial for maintaining fairness and integrity on our platform.

      By using letssubmit, you agree to this policy, ensuring a trustworthy, fair-play environment for all music loving users.
    • Updates to Curator Withdrawal Fees (Effective March 1, 2024)

      As of March 1, 2024, letssubmit will implement a new fee structure for curator withdrawals. This change introduces a cash-out fee of 3.49% to cover PayPal's commercial transaction fee, in addition to a fixed fee of €0.39 for each withdrawal. This adjustment is essential to align with external financial transaction costs and to continue providing high-quality services.
    • Direct agreements between Curators and Artists

      By using letssubmit, you acknowledge and agree that letssubmit acts solely as a marketplace platform facilitating transactions between artists and curators. All users of letssubmit are independent contractors responsible for their own actions, taxes, and legal compliance. letssubmit does not employ or manage curators or artists and holds no responsibility for the agreements made between users. Any transactions are direct agreements between the artist and curator, and letssubmit serves only as an intermediary.
  • Ethical

    By using our service you agree to:

    • Not submitting music that you don´t own the rights to
    • Acting respectful towards everyone you come in contact with using this service
    • Not using language containing hate, rasism or any other way offensing any particular group of people
  • Privacy

    When you use this site you consent to us storing information about you such as name, location, phone number. We will not ask for sensitive data such as social security number or street address. If you wish us to remove all your information from our database we must comply and will do so within 2 weeks after your request.

    • GDPR

      When you use this site you consent to us storing information about you such as name, location, phone number. We will not ask for sensitive data such as social security number or street address. If you wish us to remove all your information from our database we must comply and will do so within 2 weeks after your request.
    • Data storage

      Playlists connected to letssubmit are stored in our database. This is mainly so we can do fewer requests to Spotify´s API.

    • Playlist history

      We store a new copy of every playlist listed with us every day. This is purely for the possibility to offer a greater service in terms of displaying playlist developments over time to our users.
    • Team with multiple users

      If multiple users can access the same team and this team has connected to the Spotify API, every user connected to that team can modify the team´s Spotify information and playlists. By using you agree to this.
    • Chat and Communication Monitoring

      For the integrity and safety of letssubmit, we reserve the right to access and review chats and communications on our platform when necessary. This is done only for resolving technical issues, enforcing our policies, or complying with legal obligations. We prioritize your privacy and do not routinely monitor conversations.
    • IP Address Storage

      For security purposes and to ensure compliance with our terms of service, we store the IP address of each user at the time of login. This information is used to monitor and maintain the integrity of our platform, helping to prevent misuse and unauthorized activities. By using our service, you consent to this practice.
  • Hot or Not

    This section outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of this feature. By using "Hot or Not," you agree to the following:

    1. Purpose

    "Hot or Not" is a valuable tool for our community of curators and artists to evaluate and discover new music. It allows curators to express their preferences and helps artists gauge the potential interest in their songs.

    2. Fair Use

    We emphasize the importance of fair and honest usage of the "Hot or Not" feature. Curators should express their genuine opinions, and artists should respect the feedback received. Any attempt to manipulate or misuse this feature, including payola practices such as artificially inflating ratings, is strictly prohibited.

    3. Transparency

    Curators are encouraged to provide constructive feedback when using "Hot or Not." This helps artists understand the basis for ratings and fosters a positive, supportive environment.

    4. Reporting Suspicious Activity

    Recognizing the risk of payola practices through "Hot or Not," we urge our community to be vigilant. If you encounter any suspicious activity, such as unfair ratings or indications of payola, please report it to us. We take such matters seriously and are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the music discovery process.

    5. Integrity

    "Hot or Not" is designed to uphold the integrity of music discovery on letssubmit. Any violation of the terms outlined in this section, especially in relation to payola practices, may result in account suspension or other necessary actions.

    6. User Feedback

    Your feedback and vigilance are essential in ensuring that "Hot or Not" remains a valuable and ethical tool for our community. We value your contributions in helping us maintain a fair and transparent environment.