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Partnerships & Collaborations - Frequently asked questions

Partnerships & Collaborations

I represent a brand and am interested in collaborating. How can I reach out?

We're always open to collaborations. Contact Joel at to discuss potential opportunities.

For collaborations, email Joel at to explore opportunities.
Partnerships & Collaborations

How can I partner with

Reach out to us with your proposal through our contact form. We are open to various types of partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission.

Contact us with your partnership proposal via our contact form.
Partnerships & Collaborations

What opportunities are there for collaboration with

We offer collaboration opportunities for playlist curators, music influencers, event organizers, and more. Let's discuss how we can work together!

Collaborate with us as curators, influencers, or event organizers.
Partnerships & Collaborations

Can I integrate my service or platform with

We are keen on integrations that enhance our user experience. Please send us your integration ideas and we'll explore the possibilities.

Send us your integration ideas for consideration.
Partnerships & Collaborations

Are there any requirements to become a partner with

We look for partners who share our passion for music and have a track record of providing value to their audience or clients.

Partners should be passionate about music and add value to their audience.
Partnerships & Collaborations

How can I feature my playlist on for collaboration?

If you're a curator, submit your playlist and meet our quality criteria (human followers and at least 1) to get featured for collaborations.

Curators can submit playlists for feature and collaboration potential.
Partnerships & Collaborations

Can I sponsor a contest or event on

Yes, we welcome sponsors for contests and events that help our community of artists and curators grow. Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Contact us about sponsoring contests or events.