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Artist - Frequently asked questions


How can I get my song on Spotify playlists?

Firstly, Your song needs to be available on Spotify. There are tons of distributors who can help you with this.
Secondly, submit your song(s) to our quality playlist curators.

Ensure your song is on Spotify via a distributor. Then, submit it to our playlist curators.

How can I submit my song to playlists?

Navigate to the 'Submit Song' section, upload/choose your track and choose relevant playlist(s) to pitch to. Once uploaded, your song will be available for playlist curators to discover.

Go to 'Submit Song', upload your track, select relevant playlists, and curators can then discover your song.

Can I submit the same song to multiple curators?

Yes, you can submit your song to as many curators as you'd like to maximize your exposure.

Yes, submit your song to multiple curators for more exposure.

What is the Hot or Not feature?

Hot or Not is a feature for curators where they can discover and rate new tracks. High-rated tracks gain more visibility on the platform. Users with extra loved tracks get potential deal offers sent to them.

Hot or Not lets curators discover and like tracks. Artists with liked songs get potential deal offers.

My song was approved for a playlist - What now?

It can vary between curators how long between a song is accepted and actually added to a playlist. You should expect between 24 hours up to 7 days.

a song accepted for a playlist can take 24 hours to 7 days to be added.