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Promotions & Features - Frequently asked questions

Promotions & Features

How can I feature my music on

To feature your music, you can choose from our promotional packages available on the Premium Campaigns section or submit your track for playlist consideration.

Pitch to Playlists
Pitch to Curators

Select a promotional package or submit for playlist consideration to feature music.
Promotions & Features

What are the benefits of promotional features on

Promotional features can increase your visibility, enhance your reach to a broader audience, and potentially boost streams and followers.

Promotional features boost visibility, reach, streams, and followers.
Promotions & Features

Are there any discounts for first-time promotions on

We occasionally offer discounts for first-time users. Keep an eye on our notifications.

We do offer first-time promotion discounts.
Promotions & Features

Can I choose which playlists to feature my song in?

While we take your preferences into account, placement is ultimately based on the suitability of your track for a playlist's theme and audience. And ultimately it's up to each curator whether your song is a fit for any of their playlists.

We consider your preferences, but playlist placement is based on track suitability by each curator.
Promotions & Features

What kind of promotions can I run for my music on

You can run various promotions, including playlist features, social media shoutouts, and sponsored posts on our platform. You can also buy top banner slots on our web page.

Run playlist features, social media shoutouts, and sponsored posts.
Promotions & Features

How do I track the performance of my promotional campaigns?

Regarding Premium Campaigns we keep you notified daily. Regarding playlist- and curator submissions you will be notified by email with status of each submission.

Track promo campaign performance via email.
Promotions & Features

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with my promotion?

Refunds are evaluated case by case, based on our refund policy outlined in the terms of service. Contact our support for assistance.

Refund requests are case by case; see our terms for details.
Promotions & Features

How long do promotional features last on

The duration of promotional features varies by package. Specific details are provided in the description of each promotional offer. However 2-4 weeks is the most common lifetime of a campaign.

Promo feature duration varies; see package descriptions.